Our story so far

Greetings from Charlotte and Sam, founders of Muriel’s Kitchen –

 We are a married couple living and working in London with our young family, and this is our story-

 It was 2010, (before the babies) and after a daily struggle to find a decent hot meal that wouldn’t cost the earth in our neighbourhood, we decided we couldn’t be alone in needing somewhere to relax for half an hour of each busy working day, where the food would come fast and fresh, be healthy when we wanted, and naughty when we needed.

And good, no, GREAT coffee to boot, since we Londoners with busy lives (and growing families) prize caffeine above all else.

So with that in mind we resolved to use Sam’s love of food, and seasonal British produce (an avid veg-patch keeper) and my love of all things décor and design, coupled with a sleek operating system, smart, but fun uniforms and expertly trained staff that would keep the busy folks of South West London fed and watered with a smile (and maybe a wink) at a pace that would suit them. Somewhere with a rustic, local vibe, welcoming and full of life. We found the most fantastic location at the very heart of South Kensington, and we knew our concept would work but, what about a name?....

 My Grandmother Muriel was one of those women people are drawn to with charisma and charm in abundance, an ear for a bit of juicy gossip, and always something delicious on the stove for an unexpected guest. When I thought of her kitchen, I realised THAT was the feeling we wanted most to re-create. There was never a dull moment in her kitchen, and NEVER a bad meal served at her table.

Many years, and several babies later, Muriel’s Kitchen is still our first child. Bustling with life from dawn until dark, just as our other children do! She keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We hope to see you soon in our home from home.

Much love,

Charlotte and Sam.

(Muriel’s granddaughter and grandson-in-law)