Our Food

Our clever chefs freshly prepare and cook all our dishes using the best locally sourced British ingredients, EVERYDAY. We lovingly prepare our menus so that you can savour meals that make the very most out of each season’s produce.

Just as Muriel would have wanted, we buy direct from family-run businesses when we can and we only use Red Tractor assured Meat, Poultry and sustainably sourced Fish in our homemade recipes.


Our Fruit & Vegetables

All our fruit and Vegetable are supplied to us by Andrew Sole at E A Williams a family run grocer who we have worked with since day one!

Chipping & Baking Potatoes -  A.Sole & Son in Cambridgeshire who grow the potatoes in Fenland Peat!

Salads (Lettuce, Spinach, Little Gem) - Currently sourced from a neighbour farm. G”s Fresh Salad grow their products in Cambridge. They have some of the finest green celery in the world!

Onions - RSM supply all our onions from in Bedfordshire. 

Red, Green & Yellow Peppers - are procured from Tangmere Nurseries in Chichester on the south cost. Here there are vast glass hours soaking up all of the British sun light!

Broccoli - Almanzora in with winter and Lincolnshire in the summer.

Carrots - Hammond Produce supply all our carrots from the fertile land in and around sherwood forest.

Cauliflower - Francis & Sons from Lancashire.

Strawberries & Raspberries - Haygrove Nurseries supply the majority of our soft berry fruits during the summer months

Leeks - All our British leeks come from Cambridgeshire. Grown to perfection by All press Farms. 

Salad Potatoes - The beautiful baby new potatoes come from the light sandy land around Thetford forest. 

Our Meat and Fish Produce

Smoked salmon is smoked in in a small family smoke house called Severn & Wye

Chicken - T Soanes and Sons in Yorkshire. It is Free Range/Red Tractor and BRC A grade supplier

Cod is MSC Certified 

Wild Brown Devon Crabs - handpicked in Brixham. 

Streaky Bacon - Sandridge Farm in Wiltshire, and is made using the farms own free range pigs, and cured using a traditional Wiltshire Cure method.

Sausages - All of the sausages are made using English pork sourced from Farms in and around Suffolk. The Gourmet range supplied into MK is made to a higher quality recipe, 80% minimum meat content.

Eggs & Milk

We only use Legbar Eggs from Clarence Court which have a beautiful pale blue egg and a bright orange yolk! 

We only use Organic Milk!