Our Food

Our clever chefs freshly prepare and cook all our dishes using the best locally sourced British ingredients, EVERYDAY. We lovingly prepare our menus so that you can savour meals that make the very most out of each season’s produce.

Just as Muriel would have wanted, we buy direct from family-run businesses when we can and we only use Red Tractor assured Meat, Poultry and sustainably sourced Fish in our homemade recipes.

Our Suppliers

Veggies - Andrew Sole of E.A Williams

Andrew Sole and his family supply us with our wonderful vegetables EVERYDAY! They've been farming in East Anglia since the turn of the century as Alfred Sole & Son and their family farm has some of the most fertile fenland soil in the UK.

Each day they use their own reservoir to ensure all their crops have plenty of water. The peaty soil and water are key ingredients in growing great vegetables. Harvesting takes up most of the morning and then in the afternoon they pack and store a variety of crops. Distribution leaves the farm later in the day and products are delivered to the New Covent Garden Market in London before midnight. Andrew and co. have been operating out of this famous veg amrket for over 30 years and our daily ingredientsalong with other selected fresh produce and delivered directly into Muriels Kitchen! Thank you Andrew!!

Clarence Court Eggs

The lovely Legbar hens at Clarence Court provide us with the deliciously creamy eggs used in our Breakfasts, Brunches and changing monthly dishes at Muriel’s... Clarence Court Old Cotswold Legbar eggs have such a distinctive pale blue shell - it’s deceivingly delicate outer shell colour hides a rich creamy yolk with a dense flavour. The Legbar have plump and upstanding yolks; they're proud to be tasty!

Meat, Fish and Poultry

We understand the importance of sourcing the best quality meat and poultry products and have built strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can ensure that this is the case. The team at Wetfish use their 'Prime Selection' method to handpick the best of the daily fish on offer at Billingsgate Fish Market which is the first step in ensuring our fishy dishes are as fresh and tasty as can be. Our friends at British Premium Meats supply us with only the highest quality 100% British beef and free range chicken for cooking into our recipes and absolutely all of their produce is Red Tractor Assured too - this means we can trace everything back to the farm and farmer it was reared by. We feel this is an important principle that sets us apart from many other London restaurants and proves itself in the full flavours of our recipes.